quality and location at the right price!

established in 2009

The Taylor Homes Group built Price Lofts in 2009. The Taylor's have been building residential properties in Bartlesville since 1958. The 2 acre site was originally a single family home site. The home and land were purchased and plans were made to build a 24 unit apartment community close to shopping, Wayside elementary school, Washington Park Mall, and Pathfinder Parkway. 

Location is everything in real estate. Price Lofts is convenient for commuters making the daily drive to Tulsa or simply driving downtown to the corporate centers of downtown Bartlesville. 

We love long-time tenants as well as those who only stay for shorter terms. Whatever your situation, we will do our best to make your tenure at Price Lofts a peaceful and happy one. 

Let us know your thoughts and how we can continue to make Price Lofts a premier apartment community!

The Owners: Jim, Chuck & Brent

Jim 918-440-8847

Chuck 918-914-9074

Brent  918-331-6002