Price Lofts are located at 3312-3324 Price Road in South Bartlesville. We are 1/4 mile from the mall, and within a 1/2 mile of Chili's, Eggbert's, Rib Crib, Jude's Coffee House and many other eateries. The elementary school for our residents is Wayside, one of several highly regarded schools in Bartlesville. And for bikers and joggers, Pathfinder Parkway trailhead is only 1/4 mile west of our entrance. 

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Bartlesville History

The Beginning

Back in 1870, when northeast Oklahoma was home to mostly the Osage, Cherokee and Delaware, an Indian trader name Nelson Carr opened a trading post on the north side of the Caney River. 


In 1873, Jacob Bartles – a Civil War veteran who saw an opportunity in Indian Territory - bought the mill from Carr and expanded the facility into a flour mill and eventually a general store and home for his family.  


The population grew to nearly 200 as settlers moved to the area. Bridges and railroads came to town, along with merchants, a drugstore and a school. In 1897, Barltesville, Indian Territory, was incorporated, taking the name from its early settler and businessman.

The Boom

On April 15, 1897, the first commercial oil well in what is now the state of Oklahoma—the Nellie Johnstone No. 1—blew in as a gusher. Nellie Johnstone was the Delaware maiden who owned the land where the well was discovered. Attracted by the oil boom, Frank and L.E. Phillips, two brothers raised on an Iowa farm, came to Bartlesville in 1904. They hit a gusher north of Bartlesville, followed by 80 straight producers. The two founded Phillips Petroleum Company in 1917. It grew to become Bartlesville’s largest employer and one of the nations top oil companies.